Novaform ComfortLuxe Mattress – Best Budget Memory Foam Mattress

The Novaform ComfortLuxe mattress is earning rave reviews for many categories. Reviewers have been taken in by the use of Visco-elastic layers, a high tech material that has been employed to make these mattresses.

Though all the reviews are not so positive, a majority is favorable and that has contributed to its gaining popularity, which is not just confined to its mattresses but is extended to its pillows and mattress toppers comprising of Novaform memory foam. Here’s an attempt to know the plus and negative points of this mattress and realize what makes it such a favorite with consumers.


This memory foam mattress has quite a few layers, besides the washable cover that can be removed, with each layer providing additional support. This facilitates those with excessive weight to get additional support from the mattress without making it lose its firmness for the not so heavier ones. Contrary to memory foam mattresses that would provide an almost even distribution of weight along its surface area, this provides a support as you sink into it without causing an uncomfortable “cocooning” effect.

But, is that the best bed that money can buy? Or is this the cheapest mattress you can get? Well, that depends on one’s priorities. If price a criteria, Novaform offers the most economical solution. However, some of the models would need to be assembled and that may be a cause of inconvenience for some. It may not be a very viable option for those needing to transport all the components to a higher floor perhaps, but for the rest it should work well to get a good night’s rest.

While comparable beds try to do away with the springiness, a Novaform ComfortLuxe memory foam works on a different angle by restricting the bouncing effect to a smaller area. Its outer cover is designed to drive away waves of motion. That may be a desirable feature for some but may not suit one’s particular sleeping patterns.

There is one definite benefit of the motion dissipation though. The characteristics that permit a bit of springiness, but prevent a total bounce help to keep heat away from the body, thus restricting the formation of those uncomfortable “hot spots” from primary contact points.

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