Latex Foam Mattress

Polyurethane and memory foam are the components of high quality and high priced mattresses for more than decade. But price of synthetic is rising and there is a demand for cheaper products that will offer the same level of comfort. One of the solutions offered are latex foam mattress. It has a similar qualities while the price is lower, and those are the factors that made him such a popular solution nowadays. You won’t have to pay so much for a latex foam bed as you would for a memory foam, and you can get extremely good innerspring bed for the price of a regular latex.

And this is something to think about, since the latex will outlast a quality innerspring by two or three times. Even better, it shows higher durability then the memory foam. These are the reasons latex got so popular in the past several years and why so many people prefer it over other bedding options.

Another advantage of this material is that it is completely natural. It is made with the help of rubber tree, which gives a 100% resistance to allergens, mold and dust mites. This is something you can not get easily and you would have to pay big money to get a bed with this quality. But natural, organic latex has all that qualities by default. It is something consumers know how to appreciate and are willing to buy latex foam mattress over any other.


Because of all these benefits, latex beds created a lot of buzz in bedding industry. I have to say that this material alone is comfortable enough for sleeping, but there are many manufacturers who add additional layers and covers to improve the overall sleeping experience. That is not necessary at least, but they are trying to raise the price and get a bit more money out of your pocket. Adding a wool or organic cotton covers is not needed, but they still do it in order to confuse the consumer. If you read few decent mattress reviews, you will see that wool is not such a great solution to be on tp of a bed. Still, some manufacturers choose it over latex that has all the resistance needed and comfortable sleeping surface.

I urge you to avoid these types of beds and go for natural latex only. The qualities of this material is perfect and many people call it an organic mattress. This is because there are no chemicals that are toxic, which is something you can find in memory foam mattresses. It is the natural latex foam mattress that has the advantage here and it is a reason for its huge popularity and demand on the market. Lets just say that there are two types of latex, one is completely natural while other is synthetic, made with a different method. So make sure you check what kind of material you are dealing with, before you purchase a new bed for your bedroom.

If you are trying to find a mattress under $100, you won’t find one made out of latex. It is a quality material that offers durability and comfort, so it costs a bit more then $200 or $300. You won’t see it sag withing 5 years, which is something an innerspring bed would do. This is why you should consider spending a bit more if you want quality. With this kind of material, you get optimum value, which is worth something. No matter what size do you need, twin, queen, king of full size, you will find them all in your local furniture store. The only thing you need to remember is that a latex foam mattress is above the others and it deserves to be there.

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