Isotonic Foam Mattress – A Cheap Solution

Even the mattresses have not been able to escape the advent of technology. Memory foam mattresses are in the process of replacing the innerspring mattresses that were devised about a hundred yeas ago. The limitation has so far been its price. But not so anymore, with the arrival of Isotonic foam mattresses on the scene.

The difference between a memory foam and the conventional bed is that the former comprises of viscose-elastic foam. An outstanding characteristic of this foam is that it is responsive not only to weight, but to temperature also. This characteristic enables the bed to conform exactly to the shape of your body. This phenomenon is missing in a conventional mattress that reacts to your weight but not to your shape.

By adapting itself to embrace every curve of your body, it offers heightened level of comfort while providing the best possible support to your body. You may not be aware of the fact that initially such mattresses were developed to provide comfort to bed ridden patients to reduce the ill-effects of being in bed for long periods.


Isotonic memory foam mattress is like any other available in the market except for its affordable price. Without doubt, that is its biggest advantage prompting people to its use. It defies the norm that a cheap product is generally inferior. The company is following business practices that help it to keep its prices at a low level. Apart from the cost cutting measures practiced, it is not spending on advertising and has a thin line of management. The company has well trained its retailers to educate the prospective buyers on the merits of the product.

Here is a brief description of its construction. Its top layer comprises of one inch thick Dream Hugger Topper that gets quilted to the top fabric. This forms the comfort layer. Underneath this layer is a 2 1/2″ Visco-Elastic foam for imparting the real support to the sleeper. The last base layer comprises of 5″ layer of normal but highly flexible foam that keeps hold of the shape of the entire bed.

Its ticking comprises of a Belgian weave that can’t be bleached. It is further treated with an ultra fresh antimicrobial agent that thwarts the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus.

Finally, the Isotonic is a complete mattress designed to provide you with a completely comfortable sleep system.

All along we were talking about the positive points of this mattress and you would be wondering if there is nothing negative about it. Well, not really for the price at which it is being offered. Yet, it may be worthwhile to bring it to the notice of all concerned that this mattress is a bit softer than most others. The technical explanation for that is the use of visco-elastic foam that has a lower density than others. If you are used to a rather firm mattress, you may find it a bit too comfortable.

Undoubtedly, the Isotonic foam mattress is among the best available, be it the price or the construction. All those who had been thinking on the lines of buying a memory bed but couldn’t afford the kind of Tempur-Pedic, should seriously consider Isotonic.

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