how much is a moon pod? Moon Pod Price

The Moon pod bean bag chair is a great innovative addition to luxury bean bags and chairs. Designed by the Gravity blanket fame John Florentino, the Moon Pod bean bag was started as a kick-start campaign in 2018. 

Today, Moon pod stands as a luxury bean bag chair that offers a great level of comfort and relaxation and can be yours for a steep price of $399. 

Can you imagine your gaming room or reading corner or living room without a bean bag? Bean bags have become a must-have in almost every household. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, it is one of the most affordable pieces of furniture you can get for lounging and relaxing. 

Out of the countless number of bean bag chairs out there, you will find only some that are true to their claim of providing a comfortable and relaxing experience. 

What is a Moon Pod?

You can think of the Moon Pod as a redesigned, re-engineered, and upgraded version of the typical bean bag chair. The design and construction of the moon pod is the biggest reason behind the level of comfort and support it has to offer.

Moon Pod uses high-density responsive beads to give you the similar feeling of receiving flotation therapy. 

This therapy helps you decrease your anxiety and stress levels. It also helps you relieve back and neck pain through the extra support it gives. Technically you don’t sink inside the moon pod bean bag chair as you would in a usual bean bag chair. Instead, it allows you to experience the feeling of floating similar to zero gravity. 

Flotation therapy is when you lie in water sometimes in a sensory deprivation tank. It helps in relieving stress and anxiety. 
The moon pod claims to mimic this therapy.

What is inside a moon pod?

The moon pod comes in 2 flexible coverings. The outer cover is a mixture of polyester, cotton construction, and spandex. The inner cover is just a blend of polyester and spandex, which is filled with top-quality custom beads that give better support to your back and neck.

This way, the Moon pod guarantees you great comfort and support in 3 positions; sitting, lounging, and sleeping. The moon pod is labeled portable as it weighs around some 12lbs and takes up only 4 square feet of space. It also claims to support people weighing up to 300 pounds. 

Moon pod also offers some great add-ons to boost your overall comfort and experience.


Crescent is an additional backrest offered by the company that helps you elevate your level of comfort and relaxation on the moon pod or anywhere else you wish to use it. It is made from the same materials as the moon pod, enhancing your overall experience. 

Just like the moon pod, the crescent adjusts to your body’s postures in all the positions you use your moon pod.  

Lunar Lift

Lunar Lift is a leg rest offered by the company, once again to enhance your comfort and experience of the moon pod. The lunar lift has the same height as the moon pod. This keeps your feet aligned with your heart when you relax on the moon pod.

 As a result, the lunar lift is said to improve circulation, relieve pressure from the lower body, and reduce swelling. Lunar lift comes in a removable cover that can be easily washed in a machine. 

Super Moon pod

Designed to fit two at a time, the super moon pod is twice the size of the regular moon pod. It allows you to share your moon pod experience with your partner or your best pal.

Two moon pods are encased inside one large ultra-stretchy cover that widens as you and your partner relax comfortably in it. 

Approximate dimensions of the super moon pod are some 50-56 inches in height, 40-48 inches in width, and 40-48 inches in depth. 

Due to its huge size, the super moon pod is delivered as an unfinished product, which is to be assembled at home. It is shipped in two separate moon pod boxes, one holding the outer sleeve of the pod along with instructions on assembling the super moon pod and The other box containing a moon pod white filled inner sleeve. 

Assembling the super moon pod is pretty simple. You just have to uncover the outer sleeve, then slide in the two filled inner sleeves side by side and close the outer cover. Make sure that the zipper on the outer sleeve lines up with the long way of the filled inner sleeves. 

How much does a moon pod cost?

On usual days the moon pod sells for a steep price of $399, but most often you will find the product being sold with a 25% discount, bringing the price down to $299. Similarly, you can get all of its products often at a 25% discounted rate. You can look at the regular and discounted prices of other moon products below:

Moon pod discount

  Product Original Price Discounted Price
  Super Moon Pod$675$499
  The crescent$185$139
  Lunar lift­$185$139
  Moon Pod 4d Pillow$129$79.99
  Moon pod sleeve$89$74
  Super moon pod sleeve$109
  Lunar lift sleeve$49$39
  Crescent sleeve$49$39
  Outdoor cover$149$99

If you are fixed on buying the moon pod, but cannot afford to shell out that kind of money at a single go, then you don’t have to worry. As moon pod offers finance through its partner company Afterpay. 

You simply have to meet the following requirements to avail this financing:

  • Setting up a free account with the company
  • Be 18 or above
  • The minimum order value should be 35$
  • Should own a debit/credit card. 

Some FAQ’S

Moon Pod dimension

Due to the Moon pod’s amorphous shape, the dimensions might change based on your usage. The approximate dimensions of the moon pod are about 50-60-inches x 20-24 inches x 20-24 inches. 

The more you sit on the product the more it widens and becomes shorter. It also starts conforming to your body shape when you lay on the moon pod. You get a crescent shape moon pod that holds much more than the initial dimensions. 

Moon pod colors

Currently, Moon pod offers you 5 different color options for almost all of its products.

  • Mood Indigo, 
  • Space Grey, 
  • Cosmic Ash, 
  • Neptune Blue,
  • Rose Quartz. 

Can you wash a moon pod?

Cleaning the moon pod is a hassle-free task as the outer cover is washing machine friendly. You can wash it in cold water with similar color fabrics and dry it at tumble-dry on low heat. 

Remember to buy an extra outer sleeve, so that you can use your moon pod even when you put its outer sleeve in washing. Moon pod also offers outside cover if you are planning to use the moon pod outdoors in your backyard or poolside. The outside cover is easy to clean and water-resistant. 

What is moon pod return policy?

You have a window of 14 days from the date of delivery to submit a request for return on the following link After 14 days, the company doesn’t consider any requests. 

After you place your return request, the company has the authority to either accept or deny your request. If accepted, you will receive further instructions to process your return. You might have to pay 20% as a restocking fee and maybe some additional damage fees if the product is found to be damaged. 

You will also have to get an RMA number to get the refund amount into your account. To ensure that you get your refund, you must see that your product reaches the seller safely packed. 

There is a separate portal for exchanging products. You can place your exchange requests by emailing directly to

Moon pod Warranty

You can purchase warranty protection of 3 and 5 years through Mulberry on all Moon Pod products. The warranty covers damages such as burn and heat marks, stains, tears, rips, broken zippers, broken buttons, seam separation, and full-time online support. 

Unlike, typical beanbags that are known to sink and wear out in a very short period, the moon pod is designed to endure for years. To keep your moon pod in good condition, you might want to refill it with high-density beads once in a while. You can do this by placing a request for refilling at

Is a moon pod worth the price?

Factoring in the health benefits, comfort level, and quality of the components used in the moon pod, you can be assured that the moon pod is worth all that money. But before you decide to invest in a moon pod, just go through some of its benefits and shortcomings. 


The moon pod is much firmer than other bean bag chairs. Due to its versatile design, you wouldn’t notice much difference between the recline position and laying position. It gives you a weightless, zero-gravity feeling. 

The 25% discount on all moon pod products seems to be very frequent.

The moon pod is ideal for serious as well as occasional gamers. You can use the moon pod to comfortably work on your laptop for hours without getting any back or neck pain. You can also use it for reading books in a relaxed position. 


There are many mixed reviews about the moon pod’s claimed comfort and health benefits. Many users have stated that the pod isn’t too comfortable for sitting on it for long hours. Also, the pod starts to lose its firmness and density in a few months as opposed to the company’s claims of it being able to last for years. Assembling the moon pod is more like a job for two than being easy as stated by the company. 

If you are on the taller side, the moon pod isn’t an ideal option for you to use as a sitting chair or lying mattress. You don’t get enough neck support and leg support. The only position you would feel comfortable is in the lounging position. Also, if you weigh more than 300 pounds, you should look elsewhere. 

Many users have found getting out of the moon pod quite difficult. The best thing to do would be to prop the moon pod against a wall for support. It also keeps on tumbling down after you sit on it. 

Moon pod’s customer service is found to be unreachable and unresponsive most of the time. 

The return process is not quite ideal, as 14 days for returning a product seems like a short time. Surely, you would hope to get at least a month or more to try out the product and then return it if you are facing some issues or the product doesn’t seem to be as per your satisfaction. Above that, the company also takes a heavy restocking fee of around $60 on returned products.

To get the most amount of comfort from the moon pod, you will find that buying additional accessories is a must. This way the company lures you into buying all of its products which are equally priced steeply. Whether you buy the add-ons is a different question, the moon pod chair itself seems highly overpriced considering that in the end, you are just buying an upgraded version of a bean bag.

Final Words

Simply put, the Moon pod is a luxurious version of the bean bag chairs, which ensures extra comfort and relaxation. And if you decide to invest in it, then it might undoubtedly become one of your favorite chairs while you are gaming, watching TV, or just hanging out in your living room or chilling out in the backyard with your friends. 

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