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People with Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) experience chronic muscle and joint pain concentrated in 11 to 18 tender or pressure point areas above and below the waist.

Revolutionary New Sleep Surface Technology – Designed to eliminate pressure points in patients in hospitals and nursing homes is now available to the consumer marketplace. The SAM Self Adjusting Mattress has been clinically tested and recognized throughout the world as the most therapeutic mattress. Based on a basic physics law ( Boyle’s Law ) nine independent horizontal air cylinders displace and conform perfectly to the curvature of the human body providing correct support and an environment for a persons body to be in below capillary closure which is clinically recognized as 32 mmHg. Patented intake/out take air valves automatically monitor, regulate and optimally maintain the correct air pressure inside each cylinder. Precisely calibrated to adjust to each individual regardless of body weight, type or shape. Each cylinder independently adjusts to take the maximum pressure off the prominent points of your anatomy. As you move across the surface, the proper volume of air is released and as you roll over, the cylinders refill themselves. By harnessing the atmosphere as an abundant resource of free energy, we are able to create a dynamic surface that adjusts perfectly to contours of your body.

Why is pressure relief vital to fibromyalgia sufferers reaching the deepest sleep possible?

Pressure relief is vital to your health and wellness. By sufficiently eliminating pressure from your body, we allow oxygen rich blood to flow freely throughout our bodies. The SAM mattress is an advanced sleep system that will equalize pressure throughout your body by distributing the pressure evenly from head to toe. Because this mattress conforms completely to your entire body, it keeps you in an anatomically correct position eliminating strain on your spinal system and back muscles. You are evenly supported on every part of your body. On conventional inner spring and foam mattresses, your body weight is not displaced; rather it is absorbed, so your muscles become contracted.

When support is equalized with the self adjusting air system, your muscles can relax and your body rejuvenates itself throughout the night. And in the side lying position, pressure becomes more critical than support. On your side, with all your upper body weight pushing down on the shoulder cuff, lack of circulation and nerve entrapment can cause discomfort requiring constant repositioning of yourself all night long. The same is true for your hip area, with all the lower body weight concentrated on the hip pointer, again causing discomfort if you are on a too firm mattress. How long can you sit with your legs crossed before you start to feel the “tingle?” Why should you think you could sleep in an uncomfortable position for any greater length of time?

Why is proper blood and oxygen circulation so important to people who suffer with fibromyalgia?

Blood’s purpose is to transport nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, proteins, hormones) to the cells. The primary agent to deliver nutrients to the cells is oxygen! Blood carries oxygen! The richer the oxygen content of your blood, the better your body functions along with having a stronger immune system. Sleeping on a SAM mattress, your body is in an environment below capillary closure at all times, meaning oxygen is never being occluded or cutoff due to pressure building up on your body. Proper blood circulation is allowed throughout the night carrying oxygen rich blood.

Sleeping on inner spring and foam mattresses creates an environment of oxygen deficiency. Oxygenation is paramount to our overall health and wellness. Air displaces weight, unlike inner spring and foam mattresses which can only absorb weight. The significance of this is vitally important since our objective is to lower the interface pressures against the body, allowing oxygen rich blood to flow freely throughout our system.

What other benefits should fibromyalgia sufferers realize by having oxygen rich blood flow while sleeping?

The decrease of oxygen is the number one reason for depression, headaches, migraines and research indicates without exception, a correlation between decreases in oxygen levels and concurrent increases in human illness and disease. Dr Otto Warbug (Nobel prize winner into the cause of cancer) has shown that cancer cells can only begin to proliferate in the human body when our cells become oxygen deficient…. and that cancer cells cannot proliferate at all when exposed to an oxygen-rich environment. “In all serious disease states, we find a concomitant low oxygen state. Low oxygen in the body tissue is a sure indicator for disease…and is the fundamental cause of all degenerative disease.” (Dr Stephen Levine – Author of “Oxygen Deficiency: A Concomitant to All Degenerative Illness.”) The SAM mattress is the only mattress in the world able to provide an oxygen rich environment since it is the only mattress in the world able to provide pressure relief.

The more oxygen we are able to deliver to the brain, the better able it is to function. Oxygen is the key fundamental element of triggering Human Growth Hormone (HGH) receptor activity. Human Growth Hormone is commonly referred to as the fountain of youth! This activity primarily happens at night while you are in a deep restful sleep. Human Growth Hormone is secreted from the pituitary gland and oxygen is the primary agent for making this happen. Human Growth Hormone has to be in adequate abundance in order for you to have a strong immune system.

Also, our bodies have human electrical fields that emit a frequency. Sleeping on inner spring and foam mattresses interrupts the natural emission of frequency due to occlusion of blood flow. When we compromise our natural frequencies by sleeping on a mattress other than a gas (air, water, gel) we suppress the immune system and become susceptible to disease and free radical damage. We speed up the aging process. There is no other surface available today in the marketplace that provides the restorative and rehabilative qualities like a SAM mattress.

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