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Welcome to our new site. If you are on your way to purchase a new foam mattress, I would recommend you to read some of the reviews and ratings we have on this site. Since there are many different types and brands who offer foam mattresses, it is not an easy task to find the right one for yourself. But with some good information, you will be able to find out more about these products and see your choices clearly.

We will provide you with some foam mattress reviews from Serta, Sealy, Simmons, Miralux, Kingsdown, Englander and all the other companies that are offering these types of beds. We will also be here to talk about different mattress sizes; twin, full size, queen and king size. The brands and their product lines will be compared in order to get a better view on their real quality and the value they offer for your money. Since the memory foam became so popular, there are a lot of different factors included in this game. When you get to know most of them, you will be able to pick the best foam mattress for yourself.

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The world’s only mattress capable of providing pressure relief!
Health Benefits:
Healthier Immune System
Increased Longevity
Correct Spinal & Organ Alignment
Correct Frequency Emission

The SAM Mattress was originally introduced into the health care industry (hospitals, nursing homes & home care) in 1997 for the treatment and prevention of bedsores (decubitus ulcers). The clinical efficacy was immediately recognized and substantiated among a wide representation of doctors and researchers. The physical mechanics of the this technology benefits all individual’s including those with the following health conditions and diagnosis:

Spinal Disorders
Back & Neck Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Degenerative Diseases

The SAM mattress features a Patented air suspension system that has an exclusive intake/release valve system. This technological breakthrough harnesses the atmosphere as an abundant resource of free energy creating a dynamic surface capable of optimally adjusting to each individual regardless of body weight, type or size. It is the only mattress available today in the world that is capable of conforming to the unique curvature of the spinal system providing the anatomically correct support eliminating spine strain and back fatigue.

Maximizing weight distribution evenly across the surface reduces pressure on our bodies. The SAM mattress is the only mattress in the world capable of providing pressure relief at all times regardless of what body type you have. A basic physics law (Boyle’s Law) allows this amazing technology to adjust optimally to each individual providing a deep REM sleeping environment below capillary closure; meaning blood and oxygen are allowed to flow freely throughout our bodies never being pinched or occluded, eliminating tossing and turning.

Allowing efficient blood and oxygen circulation is paramount to our over all health and wellness. Clinical studies have shown the richer the oxygen content of your blood, the stronger your immune system. Which is necessary to combat disease and free radical damage. Sleeping on a surface other than a gas (gas being air, water or gel) creates a sleeping environment deficient of oxygen. All inner spring and foam mattresses create an environment deficient in oxygen since all these surfaces can do is absorb weight unlike a gas, which displaces weight.